We are a Romanian independent company with head-office in Mangalia, on the Black Sea Coast. The company was founded in May 2000 and it is specialized in providing complete ships design & engineering, including production documentation  (numerical cutting documentation, steel production and assembling drawings, steel outfitting documentation, piping - ISO & 3D coordination, electrical outfitting documentation) and ships models at scale (1:50 till 1:400)

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   Our young team of specialists in naval architecture & design was involved in the last years in many projects developed for Western European market (multipurpose supply vessels for offshore market, fishing vessels, ferry, multipurpose coasters, chemical tankers, port containers and different inland vessels) - see our reference list.

   Our working philosophy is based on 3D NURBS modeling, using an unbeatable robust and accurate software combination. In this way we can develop quickly conceptual studies and complete documentation ready for production or engineering analysis for marine structures.

   Working methods are based on using AutoCAD running on Windows Professional 2000 and XP platform with MS Office suite, combined with specialized ship design software:

  •    FastShip

  •    Rhinoceros 3D (NURBS modeling)

  •    Phaser (Proteus Hydrostatics And Stability Engine for Rhino)

  •    Expander (Including Strain analysis for a ship surface)

  • DNV Nauticus & MARS

  • SHIPSHAPE - approved by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate

  • NC-Pyros

  •    Other in-house developed modules & software.

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